Coronavirus: 4 Focus Areas for In-House Counsel

Mutie Advocates Focus Areas for In House Counsel

A lot has happened since last Friday. Kenya has not only confirmed its first coronavirus case but also, taken steep measures to contain the spread of the virus. The President of the Republic recommended remote work policies as one of the control measures. Globally, the coronavirus outbreak has caused fear, panic, and pandemonium and created an environment ripe for compliance breaches. As in-house counsel, be on the lookout and safeguard your organisation accordingly. How?

7 Habits Of The Highly Effective Pupil

Mutie Advocates Habits Of The Highly Effective Pupil

Stephen R. Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is a phenomenal book on personal effectiveness. For over two decades, the insights in the book have inspired and empowered people across diverse ages and professions. This is true even for legal practitioners. In my opinion, lawyers who practice effectiveness at the start of their careers are geared for success. This article illustrates some of the ways in which trainee lawyers can apply the 7 Habits and bolster personal effectiveness.