Elements of Private Companies in Kenya

Mutie Advocates Elements of Private Companies in Kenya


Private companies are popular vehicles for carrying on business in Kenya.  Private company registration  is carried out through an online platform known as e-Citizen (accessible here). It takes up-to five days from the date of submission of all requisite information to obtain a certificate of incorporation.

Beginner’s Guide to Commercial Leases in Kenya

Mutie Advocates Beginners Guide to Commercial Leases in Kenya


The global digital economy has made it very easy to start and run businesses. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a great idea. Most start-up entrepreneurs opt to set-up online businesses due to the easy set-up procedures and low operating and maintenance costs. However, as the business expands it may become necessary to set-up a physical office for effective coordination of operations. If your business needs a physical location, you may have to consider purchasing or renting some space. For rented premises, landlords often require tenants to execute commercial leases.